• Rainbow

    In a world without color, you're our only hope...

  • Dangerous Voyage

    Dangerous Voyage
    Collect items, avoid enemies and go to the next level.

  • Picnic Panic

    Picnic Panic
    Use 4 magical items to defeat the army of insects that wants to devour the picnic feast!

  • Geom 3D

    Geom 3D
    Explore all levels and challenges in this 3D space adventure.

  • 3D Super Snowboarder

    3D Super Snowboarder
    Are you an excellent snowboarder? Prove your skills by completing this course.

  • Pup World

    Pup World
    Avoid the doggy distractions and complete the tasks in each level before time runs out.

  • Wizard Defense

    Wizard Defense
    You'll need a few good spells up your sleeve to defeat this monstrous horde...

  • Angry Face's Pearl

    Angry Face's Pearl
    Angry face loves pearls, but they are so fragile… Help him keep it up in the air!

  • Box Racers

    Box Racers
    There's a prize for every box! If you can win the race that is…

  • Art of War 2: Stalingrad Winters

    Art of War 2: Stalingrad Winters
    Winter has fallen, but you must fight the cold and the Nazis to reclaim the glorious city of Stalingrad.

  • States Of America

    States Of America
    These states may be united, but can you tell them apart?

  • Colorful Wedding Dress Up

    Colorful Wedding Dress Up
    Pick one of those colorful wedding dresses for this happy bride.

  • Strike Force Heroes 2

    Strike Force Heroes 2
    Train your soldiers with thousands of weapons, armor upgrades and camouflages, in order to complete your missions successfully. There are 5 different classes of soldiers, each with unique abilities, choose the one you like best. Play the campaign for an action packed continuation of the storyline or try your luck at the new slot machine to win rare items!

  • Hamster Rush

    Hamster Rush
    Run hamster run!!!

  • Ever Rising Water

    Ever Rising Water
    It's multicolored mayhem on the high seas!

  • Sara's Cooking Class: Vegetable Frittata

    Sara's Cooking Class: Vegetable Frittata
    Even carnivores will drool over your scrumptious vegetable frittata dish!

  • Crystal Caverns

    Crystal Caverns
    Can you match enough crystals before the light goes out?

  • Evil Nights

    Evil Nights
    It is your duty as a magician to protect the city of Thruxton from Demonic attack.

  • Cute Destroyer

    Cute Destroyer
    The cuteness is relentless, so your shooting better be too.

  • Kaboomz 3

    Kaboomz 3
    With all of these balloons, something is affirmed to go off with a BANG!

  • Hansel and Gretel Decoration

    Hansel and Gretel Decoration
    Help Hansel and Gretel decorate the gingerbread house with sweets and candy!

  • Ocean Matches

    Ocean Matches
    Make your ocean friends do the seaside shuffle!

  • Sara's Cooking Class: Carrot Cake

    Sara's Cooking Class: Carrot Cake
    Can't go wrong with this culinary classic!

  • Jack Russell

    Jack Russell
    Draw the pathway for the dog to walk to his goal. Try to collect all the bones!

  • Monster Truck vs. Forest

    Monster Truck vs. Forest
    Mother Nature will not be impressed...

  • Pimp My Racing Boat

    Pimp My Racing Boat
    Decorate your racing boat and try it out on the water!

  • Crazy Topy

    Crazy Topy
    Bounce, wriggle, and roll to the finish line in this weirdly insane racing machine!

  • Weirdville

    Collect all the coins and find your way to the exit as fast as you can.

  • Find the Hero

    Find the Hero
    Can you select the right pieces of the hero before time runs out?

  • Chef Trainee School

    Chef Trainee School
    Think you have what it takes to be a great chef? Learn to cook 3 amazing dishes, step by step!

  • Dance Dunk-off

    Dance Dunk-off
    Match your moves to the flashing icons when they turn green.

  • Dating Make Over 3

    Dating Make Over 3
    Help this girl choose some nice clothes for a date.

  • Sunny Spring Dress Up

    Sunny Spring Dress Up
    It\’s hard to out-flower spring, but Kayley has the clothes for the job!

  • Pengapop 2

    Pengapop 2
    Aim your Pengapopper, shoot and get 3 or more similar colored balls in a row!

  • Granny Strikes Back

    Granny Strikes Back
    The silver-haired avenger\’s time has come. Granny\’s back—and she\’s bad!

  • Lunatic

    Evade the yellow dots as long as you can and try to touch the red ones!

  • Bear Killer

    Bear Killer
    Play Bear Killer game: Many dangerous bears appeared in the forest. Hunter! Please pick up your gun and kill all of bears!

  • Crash 'n Smash Derby

    Crash 'n Smash Derby
    Anything goes when you're in the ring, so get crashing and smashing!

  • Turbo Rally

    Turbo Rally
    Turbo rally is a top down rally driving game, race across all the continents in different conditions to try and become the world rally champion. Race in deserts, snow, mud tracks and road, gain money for finishing and upgrade your cars and buy new cars.

  • Cursor Chaos

    Cursor Chaos
    Are your fingers fast enough, or will you just create cursor chaos??

  • Primary

    As a super-soldier named Roy, it's your job to save the hueman race from the blackness of the Void!

  • Cooking

    Try to bake as many loaves of bread as possible!

  • Daisy in Wonderland

    Daisy in Wonderland
    Listen Number One Enemy, the new hit song by Daisy Dares You, while guiding Daisy in and out of two worlds!

  • Stickman of Duty

    Stickman of Duty
    You have to defeat the waves of enemies in a 3D town, finding them and eliminating them before they do.

  • An Average Day at School

    An Average Day at School
    On your adventure through school, you must select the different choices that come up and not get killed.

  • Chernobil Rabbits

    Chernobil Rabbits
    Chernobil Rabbits:The Goal - destroy as much as possible rabbits-mutants. There is a big arsenal of the weapon at the disposal: pneumatic pistol, fighting pistol, winchester, a machine gun. To choose the weapon is possible keys 1,2,3,4,5 or pressing icons. If money suffices you can be bought ammunition or chosen weapon pressing a space bar.

  • Cute Cultures

    Cute Cultures
    What's your cute culture identity today?

  • Mind Scape

    Mind Scape
    Collect all the candy in Candy Meadows and avoid the monkeys.

  • Rockstar Hotel Jump

    Rockstar Hotel Jump
    As a rock star, you cause the most destruction possible around your hotel.

  • Car Can Racing

    Car Can Racing
    Complete each of 5 levels in 30 seconds and try to get to the finish line!

  • Beauty House

    Beauty House
    Change all aspects of Brigitte's look for a fresh style.

  • Millennium Kill

    Millennium Kill
    Millennium kill is a funny game without limits!you know that, right?

  • Play Palisade Guardian: Revolution game

    Play Palisade Guardian: Revolution game
    Palisade Guardian - Revolution: Suit up, soldier: the revolution is here!

  • Tetrabreak

    Think outside the box as you plot the blocks' spots!

  • Berzerk Battle Game

    Berzerk Battle Game
    Play Berzerk Battle game: Create your own worlds, and share it with your friends! Berzerk Battle is a action-shooting game.

  • Circlo

    Get at least three balls of the same color together to remove them from the screen and to get points.

  • Fast Food Delivery

    Fast Food Delivery
    Fast food is bad for your blood pressure— not the calories, but the pushy customers!

  • Girl Space

    Girl Space
    Your little brother has stolen your journal; find him before he opens it!

  • Purply Fairy Dress Up

    Purply Fairy Dress Up
    Help this dainty little fairy choose the most beautiful dress of all!

  • Romantic Dinner Dress Up

    Romantic Dinner Dress Up
    What clothes, hairdo, make-up and accessories will be the best for romantic dinner? Find out!

  • Princess Saver

    Princess Saver
    This funky fairytale has an explosive ending...

  • My Pet Protector 2

    My Pet Protector 2
    Avenge the death of your parents and claim your glorious destiny...

  • Burgers and Bomb

    Burgers and Bomb
    Help Taz catch all the yummy food. Don't let any fall to the ground or your dropped food meter fills up and the game is over.

  • Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers

    Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers
    When the weather's bad outside, there's a realistic summer sandlot waiting for you right here...

  • Tanks 2

    Tanks 2
    Play tanks with two players or play against yourself!

  • Victorian Room Escape

    Victorian Room Escape
    Nobody enjoys being locked up, even if it's in a beautiful Victorian salon...

  • Costume Dress Up 2

    Costume Dress Up 2
    Dress her up in one of these colorful costumes.

  • Asteroid Runner

    Asteroid Runner
    Steer your ship and avoid the asteroids.

  • Tactics 100 Live

    Tactics 100 Live
    Build your own army of different fighting units that fit your fighting style and send that army into battle. The way you attack affects the outcome. You can attack from high ground, at point blank, among others. Good luck!

  • Pimp your Guitar

    Pimp your Guitar
    Design your ideal guitar to ROCK OUT!!

  • Elevatorz 2

    Elevatorz 2
    Poor suit can't catch a break. His desire to succeed is in direct conflict with his fear of elevators!

  • Last Mission

    Last Mission
    Steer your plane and rescue all of the people waiting for your help!

  • Make-Up on the Run

    Make-Up on the Run
    Multitasking is a girl's best friend.

  • Kermix

    In this great puzzle your goal is to get the red cube(s) to the yellow cube(s).

  • Mascot Kombat

    Mascot Kombat
    Use your special moves to defeat the enemy and score points!

  • Santa Claus Puzzle 2

    Santa Claus Puzzle 2
    Fit the jigsaw pieces together to see Santa Claus!

  • Service Droid

    Service Droid
    Only a destructobot could survive this barren wasteland.

  • John Doe's Adventure

    John Doe's Adventure
    Nothing says adventure like a spin (and flip, and wheelie) in a mining kart!

  • NY Cab Drive

    NY Cab Drive
    Show off your active abilities with New York's finest.

  • Boxing Girl Dress Up

    Boxing Girl Dress Up
    Even tough girls need to match.

  • Udder Chaos

    Udder Chaos
    You were always told that animals can't think. Unfortunately you were always told wrong.

  • Furniture Catapult

    Furniture Catapult
    Catapult pieces of furniture so that they fall down as close to the target as possible.

  • Michael Jackson Babydrop!

    Michael Jackson Babydrop!
    The King may be gone, but you can still save his offspring!

  • Kissing in the Cinema

    Kissing in the Cinema
    Going to the movies just got a whole lot more interesting.

  • Enduro 3: The Junkyard

    Enduro 3: The Junkyard
    Trick your way through the trash at this junkyard!

  • Blue Knight

    Blue Knight
    Help Lanthas, the Blue Knight, free the land from evil once and for all!

  • Rocket MX

    Rocket MX
    Give yourself a rocket boost, perform tricks and go through a green ring to gain some fuel.

  • Rolf's Pizza Making Game

    Rolf's Pizza Making Game
    With the pizza parlor in your hands, will you get the promotion or the sack??

  • Ragdoll Laser Dodge

    Ragdoll Laser Dodge
    Dodge lasers and collect power-ups.

  • Hollywood Bash

    Hollywood Bash
    Below the belt counts in this battle of the floozy superstars!

  • Nan Zuma

    Nan Zuma
    Fire Zuma balls out of your cannon on multiple levels. Earn points to unlock new areas of the game.

  • Youda Conqueror

    Youda Conqueror
    Play a Bubble Shooter like you've never seen before. Gather resources and stand your ground in the amazing battles of Alexander the Great!

  • Super Santa Shooter

    Super Santa Shooter
    Santa's scared of heights: help him get up on the rooftop!

  • Happy Santa

    Happy Santa
    Light up these houses with the happiness of Christmas gifting joy.

  • Outzone

    As a one-man army, your task is simple: destroy everything in your way!

  • 3D Mahjong

    3D Mahjong
    Remove all pairs of tiles from the board.

  • Daruma Game

    Daruma Game
    Steady…steady…no hits to the face!

  • African Dress Up

    African Dress Up
    Select one of these beautiful African costumes for this pretty girl!

  • Helmet Bombers 3

    Helmet Bombers 3
    These bubble-headed soldiers are back for another explosive beatdown!

  • Omega Warrior

    Omega Warrior
    As a futuristic warrior on Earth it is your job to destroy the radioactive Necro-mutants!

  • Choir Singing and Decorating

    Choir Singing and Decorating
    Arrange the choir singers properly and decorate the hall just as you like.

  • Train Mania

    Train Mania
    Only a alternation bedlamite would yield on this challenge!

  • Peter Pan Kissing Valentine

    Peter Pan Kissing Valentine
    Peter Pan loves this fairy so much and he wants to kiss her 100 times in Valentine's Day. Help his a hand and enjoy this kissing game.

  • Mental Training 2 – Memory Challenge

    Mental Training 2 – Memory Challenge
    Are you smart enough to beat the Mentals at their own games?

  • Butterfly Girl Dress Up

    Butterfly Girl Dress Up
    Pick an etheral look for this butterfly beauty.

  • Pinbrawl Winter

    Pinbrawl Winter
    Be careful, pinball fans: you're skating on thin ice...

  • Penalty Challenge

    Penalty Challenge
    Playmaker or goalie god—are your soccer skills on point?

  • Fashion Park Dress Up

    Fashion Park Dress Up
    Help her choose the best outfit for walking in the park!

  • Rat Shot

    Rat Shot
    Fire out the rat and use objects along the bar to boost your flight as far as possible.

  • Stinger Zed: Mission Undead

    Stinger Zed: Mission Undead
    Is it abstract to bang a crank with a bazooka? Nah.

  • Hopsa Pop

    Hopsa Pop
    Hop and pop your way through the maze of boxes!

  • Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing

    Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing
    Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing, a fun and exciting Time Management game! Play Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing game -Discover all-new underwater ranching activities in this fun Time Management sequel. Build new structures and farm ocean products Play a demo game.

  • Kitchen Makeover 2

    Kitchen Makeover 2
    Tanya is cooking a special breakfast for 2, but she needs your help getting the kitchen in order!

  • Sagway

    Your friend wants to take his girlfriend on a romantic walk through the park but there is too many old people in the way got its your job to stop them.

  • Rock Star Makeover

    Rock Star Makeover
    Give Amanda the ultimate rock star look for a battle of the bands!

  • Horoscope Style: Leo

    Horoscope Style: Leo
    Lucky in love with a Leo? Need some heavenly fashion advice? Step inside...

  • The Tattoo Quiz

    The Tattoo Quiz
    Which tattoo is right for you?

  • Sniper Year One

    Sniper Year One
    Steady your aim and fire… they\’ll be dead before they hear the shot.

  • Mario Rainbow Island

    Mario Rainbow Island
    Mario Rainbow Island is a fun two player super Mario adventure game, you can choose as Mario or princess in the game. Mario use ASDW to move, princess use the arrow keys.

  • Famous Date Quiz

    Famous Date Quiz
    Who's your sizzling celeb sweetheart?

  • Photographer Make Up

    Photographer Make Up
    Choose the best make-up and accessories for this gorgeous photographer!

  • Halloween Hair Studio

    Halloween Hair Studio
    Halloween's just around the corner, and this trick-or-treater's needs a killer costume!

  • Taz Coconut Catching

    Taz Coconut Catching
    Feed Tasmanian Devil with coconuts. Coconuts will be falling down from palm trees.

  • Recycle

    Sort the waste into the right bins and try to earn as many points as you can.

  • Under Cover

    Under Cover
    Watch closely and take a picture at the right moment for some sneaky snapshots!

  • Finding Nemo(Memory Game)

    Finding Nemo(Memory Game)
    How good your memory really lets try to find it out.

  • 3d Penalty

    3d Penalty
    Choose your team and score as many goals as you can!

  • Alpha Zoo

    Alpha Zoo
    Find pairs - the letter must correspond to the animal name.

  • Teenage Bedroom Makeover

    Teenage Bedroom Makeover
    Help Chrissy rearrange her bedroom!

  • Mon Sudoku

    Mon Sudoku
    Choose number or monster mode and fill the grid!

  • Cheerleader Dress Up

    Cheerleader Dress Up
    Choose a costume and of course pompons for this sweet little cheerleader.

  • Strategy Defence

    Strategy Defence
    Shoot all enemies and go to the next level.

  • Bird Flight

    Bird Flight
    Don't let the sky conk you on the head.

  • Ninjago Viper Smash

    Ninjago Viper Smash
    Prepare yourself for absolute ninja annihilation—Lego style!

  • Woobies

    These adorable little fur balls are trapped! Use your aim and skill to free them, and be the Woobies' hero!

  • Escape the Appartment

    Escape the Appartment
    Gather items, use them to unlock the main door, and escape from the room!

  • 3 Pandas

    3 Pandas
    These 3 pandas have been captured by pirates! Help them escape the pirate ship, get through the jungles on the island and past the tribal people that want to capture them. Each panda has a special trick that they can do to help each other through this journey. Use the help button if you get stuck at any point on this adventure.

  • Towering Inferno

    Towering Inferno
    Let the people from the burning building bounce off of the safety net and then bounce them to the ambulance.

  • Yummy-Yummy Monster Shooter

    Yummy-Yummy Monster Shooter
    To the mosh pit, monsters!

  • Ship Navigation II

    Ship Navigation II
    Guide your ship through the maze of asteroids to get to the next level.